3 of the Most Successful Gamblers in History

Giselle Adriene
February 21, 2023

Nowadays, entering the gambling world is the easy part. The real challenge is becoming one of this industry's most famous and successful gamblers. You might find not many truly successful gambling careers when researching the topic.

Who are the most successful and famous gamblers in history, and what makes them so good at what they're doing? Continue reading to find out!


You've heard of card counting, right? Edward O. Thorp is a mathematics professor who published the first book on card counting called 'Beat the Dealer'. Thanks to his skills and knowledge, he has created and developed techniques that let him count the probabilities of a specific card showing based on the cards that have already been dealt. He has personally used these techniques in Las Vegas and Reno. His strategies have transformed him into one of the most famous professional gamblers.


Billy Walters is known as the most successful player in sports betting. His journey began when he was only nine years old. However, his career could have had a better start, and he lost a lot of money. His luck changed after a trip to Atlantic City in his late 30s when he finally became a successful gambler! He took advantage of a wheel bias at a roulette game and won a large prize. Since then, he has been betting on sports such as basketball and college football for over 30 years, earning the name of the most famous gambler in sports betting.


Known as the best poker player of all time, Phil Ivey is among the most famous gamblers names in the industry. And for a good reason. With numerous victories at countless tournaments, Phil Ivey is even considered the best gambler in the world. Moreover, he has been very successful at online gambling websites and is among the richest gamblers.

What do they have in common?

So what is it that makes these players the best gamblers in the world? They have dedicated their time and effort to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to create and use a strategy that works. But all these great players also have the experience and the correct technique that makes them so good! And some luck, of course.


Becoming one of the best gamblers is a challenging task. In fact, only some have made it in the pro-gamer world. But some players still have managed to find their place among the biggest gamblers in the world. With skills, determination and a good strategy, they all have great achievements during their inspiring careers and have won many big prizes.

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