4 Things you need to know before you start gambling

Giselle Adriene
December 12, 2022

4 Things to Consider Before Starting to Gamble

Have you noticed that in the last couple of years, the world has shifted from the personal to the internet, not the intimate vibe? Even the entertainment world needed to adapt to the new desires of delivering fast, instant, online, and up-to-date, fascinating new features. The problem is that there are so many options out there it becomes too challenging to choose from the thousands of websites promising unbelievable experiences on the highest level. We have been familiar with seeing land-based casinos full of people enjoying some casual gambling, throwing dice with finesse, and looking carefree and in control. Do you have this picture in your head? We sure do. But what happens nowadays? 

Today, most people don't even know where the land-based casino is. They are used to receiving everything straight to their smartphone or directly to the comfort of their home on their laptop. And companies know that, so they do the extra work to adapt their platforms to the consumer's needs. Nowadays, business is online, and the competition is exceptionally high. And this has created another issue for the client. How to play casino games online? What are the rules? What is good to know before starting? Is it safe to trust an online casino in Canada for real money? We aim to help you by answering all these questions and going into depth about the best way to make money at a casino online. Keep reading if you want to learn 4 things you need to know before you start gambling. Let's dive directly into it.

Understand The Rules

You are about to enter the online world of gambling. You should be prepared that it is a game, and as with every other game, it has rules. The best players are the ones who are aware of all terms, understand them and use them to their advantage at any moment; people who enjoy the process, share it with friends and play the game often, so they can master it and develop their skills and knowledge. They try different strategies; each person has their own playing style and aggression level; some people risk more, while others prefer to stay on the safe side. Roulette, Slot machines, Blackjack or Monopoly all fit the description above. But with casino games, you bet real money instead of the fake Monopoly banknotes, and you win jackpots with real money instead of simply winning the game for fame.

So, let's go over the main steps you should consider before jumping into the gambling world. 

  1. Learn the rules - each online casino has an entire section with terms and conditions that are very important for every player to know. There are lots of restrictions or requirements that you need to follow to succeed and find the best way to make money at a casino. Because once you deposit real money and start playing, it takes a lot of work to withdraw your money afterwards. First, you must comply with all the requirements around the game and the bonus. Some players find it overwhelming, but if you think about it, there is no game without rules and obstacles. And for you to play, you have to follow them.
  2. Understand the rules - we separated learning and understanding because it's one thing to know regulations exist and completely different to understand them and actually know how to play casino games. If you know the rules of Monopoly but don't understand them, you won't be able to realize when to buy a house or exchange for a hotel.
  3. These are the most essential rules in gambling that will boost your knowledge towards the right direction on how to play casino online:
    1. Play for free - because we are talking about money, it's advisable to play for free first, so you can get to know the games and find out what type of player you actually are. 
    2. Bonuses - a critical feature, as each online casino welcomes you with a special promotion as soon as you access the platform. Learning bonuses exist is not enough; you need to understand how they work. Usually, a welcome bonus is offered to each new player for their first deposit. You have the right to accept it or refuse it and play only with your money. Bonuses typically match your deposit by 100%, meaning if you deposit C$100, you will receive an additional C$100 bonus with the idea of starting big and enjoying longer games. 
    3. Bet - once you have money in your account, you can start playing by choosing the game you like and placing your first bet. Each game has different minimum and maximum amounts that you can bet - they vary depending on the game, and if you use bonus money or not, it could be between C$0,10 and C$5 or up to C$100. We recommend you think carefully before placing your bets.
    4. Time limits - most of the bonuses come with time limitations. You might have 7 days to request or use them, for example. You should always be aware of this to take full advantage of it. 
    5. Wagering requirements - if you accept the offered bonus or promotion, then you will have to comply with the terms and conditions that they come with. A good wager is around x35-x50. This means that you will have to bet the amount of your bonus x35 times before being able to withdraw your winnings. This is part of the bonus rules. 
    6. Withdrawal limits - when it's time to withdraw your winnings, keep in mind there are some limitations. They are always explained in the terms and conditions section of the website. You should choose a payment method, respect the withdrawal limits, and you are good to go. To ensure there is no problem around this step, you could read an online casino Canada review beforehand about the platform. This way, you will be prepared if they require additional verification, for example. 

Always think twice before placing a bet

Now that you are aware of some main first steps to think about, we would like to dive deeper into the process of spending money. When you deposit real money into your casino account, you don't spend it yet, right? You need to place a bet on a game to start winning or losing. This is the moment when we want you to stop and think twice.

Because there are still bullet points to consider

  1. The right strategy - did you read about the platform, the games, and the strategy you would like to apply? To go on the right path of winning, it's not only letting luck play its role but also expecting you to play the game. Apply the best strategies and practices, read about some tips and tricks, and develop your skills, awareness, and knowledge. As we mentioned before, what type of gambler are you? Do you follow signs, believe in your luck, or rely on maths? Do you take high risks and are willing to lose significant amounts? Do you deposit money that you will need for other activities? Answer all these questions and understand who you are in the gambling world. All this will help you stick to your plan and strategy and stay within your limits. Yes, it's advisable to put restrictions on yourself. 
  2. Do you enjoy the process - our opinion is that gambling is for fun, and the moment it stops being enjoyable, it's the second you should quit. The process includes all the steps, and if you feel anxious or nervous, you may not be following your heart, style, or rhythm. That's why getting to know your strategy is such an important realization. If you go away from it, of course, you know what to go back to. 
  3. The right casino - if you did your research and have a strategy, you enjoy playing games but find it challenging to deal with the online casino; maybe it wasn't the right choice for you. You should look for numerous features before trusting an online casino in Canada. That's why we will go over this in the following paragraphs. 
  4. The right game - one more detail that it's imperative to deliver the exciting adventure that the gambling world promises. You might enjoy playing games, but not every game is for everybody. Some players like the fast and easy Slot machines, while others prefer the deep strategy card games. You can even find Monopoly for gambling, did you know? Let's check the online casino games diversity in the following paragraphs.

Choose the right games

We can't give you a straight answer on which game you should play. It is a very personal choice because we are all different people with diverse preferences, and we often like opposite things. The best way of knowing which game suits you better is to try the demo versions first and decide which one you are having fun with. Let's give you some direction on what people usually choose depending on their personality features. 

Are you a beginner? Start with Slot games

Typically, new players want to see how the platform works, what gambling means, how much money they should invest, and how much time they would like to spend. Slots are the best way in because they have simple rules that are easy to understand, and are super energetic, fun and carefree as experience. All the sounds, colours, and dynamics are fascinating. No specific skills or knowledge are needed, the terms are explained in the game's settings, and one of the few decisions is to set the size of your bet. Some tips state that the bigger your bet, the bigger your winnings. But you need to check if this suits your style of playing.

Is strategic thinking your strength? Try the popular card games

On the other hand, if Slots seem to be boring for you, there is a fantastic alternative. If you enjoy using your brain, thinking strategically and solving complicated puzzles, then the card games should be your pick. For those, you better read before you start. Review some articles about how to play casino card games like Poker, Baccarat or Blackjack. Most online casinos offer variations of each game, making the choice even greater. There are thousands of card games waiting for you, and the free feature is available for most of them, so you train your skills before depositing real money.

Are you a social player? Go for the Live Casino

As we mentioned, today's reality has almost removed social contact. But people are social beings and still need each other. That is why online casinos have decided to introduce the real human experience by providing Live casinos. Professional croupiers are streaming the actual game, and you can place your bets live, interact with the croupiers and chat with the other players. You can try all kinds of games - Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Show games, and many more. 

Choose the right casinos

Another crucial decision you need to make, and we would say one of the most important ones, is to choose the right casino. There are several features that you should look for, and we would like to point out some of them:

  • Trust only licensed online casinos - you should rely on platforms with official gambling licenses from regulated authorities. They make sure the casinos follow the law and offer a fair game to the players. 
  • Your data needs to be protected - extremely important when dealing with money and personal data. The website should offer an SSL-encrypted connection to protect you against hacker attacks. This way, your transactions will be kept safe.
  • Look for sites with reliable software - the quality of the software guarantees your smooth and enjoyable experience without bugs or interruptions. As well as being mobile-friendly, so you can play from any device.
  • Fair promotions and bonuses - we are referring to the wagering requirements; they need to be achievable, so you could withdraw at some point what you have won. If a wager is too high, it becomes too challenging for the player to ever reach it. This means that he will never withdraw. We recommend you avoid platforms with a wager above x75. You need to review the bonuses and promotions in depth because if they look too good to be true, some hidden details might not be fair to the player.
  • Responsible gambling - you should know that gambling sometimes leads to addiction. It's essential to recognize it and be accountable for it. Platforms with an entire section dedicated to handling gambling addiction are respectful and consider the well-being of their players. You should always keep an eye on your behaviour and be vigilant if you are going wrong with your gambling activities. Seek help if you can't restrict yourself.
  • Read reviews and players' comments - as our last piece of advice, we suggest you read a few reviews about the online casinos you are considering. There are a lot of independent websites that make tests and gather detailed information, so check a few and grab the piece of information that is valuable to you. Another helpful insight is to gather information directly from the players. Read their comments and take advantage of their experience with different platforms. Remember that each person is different, so someone's dislikes could not be relevant to you.

Remember that whatever choice you make, the most valuable thing is to have fun, enjoy the process and have a great time overall. If you need some more inspiration, you could check a movie about gambling and relive the game in reality. 

How to gamble?

We mentioned the importance of responsible gambling, but the responsibility is not only on the online casino's side. You, as a player, have the most significant strength to influence and control yourself. The topic is very vast, but let's draw some main bullet points:

  • Don't gamble if you're feeling stressed or emotional. Trying to solve your problems by hiding from them and turning to gamble to lift up your spirit leads to addiction.
  • Only gamble with money that you can afford to lose. Never deposit money you have planned to spend on rent, bills, food or vacation with your family. The money you bet should always be spare and one you are willing to lose.
  • Set limits on how much money you're willing to spend. If you don't have a budget, you can go on forever. Every time you log in to your account, restrict yourself to a specific limit - it can be C$50 or C$500, but whatever you decide to spend, don't go over it, and don't try to recuperate the lost money by depositing more.
  • Gamble is luck, not a steady income. Don't confuse gambling with a job opportunity. You can't predict the game's outcome, especially for the Slots. It's pure luck. The licensed casinos have a random number generator which doesn't allow anyone to guess what will be the next win.

After reading all this information, we hope you feel confident about making your first steps into the gambling world. If you still need more motivation, we always enjoy watching a movie about gambling. We wish you good luck, fascinating adventures and a great experience.

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