Which is the gambling capital of the world?

Giselle Adriene
December 12, 2022

The gambling capital of the world

Every day millions of people connect to online platforms to play slot machines, participate in a poker tournament or bet live during a sporting event. It’s not just the fun that enchants them but the chance to hit a million-dollar jackpot. And this desire to be one of the big winners has turned online and land-based casinos into one of the best-known entertainments worldwide.

The global gaming industry in 2022 had a turnover of almost 600 billion dollars, and, of course, there are countries where iGaming is played more and others where it is played less. According to recent research, Australians hold the world record, but there are many countries in Europe, Asia and America where the volume of bets stands out.

Countries that gamble the most

Every country has its loyal list of gambling followers who enjoy the luxury and splendour of brick-and-mortar establishments and the convenience of betting webpages. And, like in everything else, some nations top the list.

We’ve compiled a list of the 7 states with most casinos representing the biggest gambling cities in the world and their respective countries where gambling is most played. The list does not consider the difference between online and land-based casinos and only includes the total betting per capita criterion.


The award for the world's biggest gambling country goes to Australia. It is number one in the ranking with a certain difference compared to the second place.

The main reason is that it was the first country to allow betting, so it is several years ahead of other countries at a legal level and gaming culture. The games Australians spend the most money on are slot machines, casinos, sports betting, and lotteries.

In the land of the kangaroos, the earnings are exempt from taxes, contributing to a $1,200 average betting spending per person per year. It is estimated that players spent more than 18 billion dollars in casinos and bookmakers last year alone.


It occupies second place in the ranking after the “Aussies.” In this case, the players' expenses during the past year amounted to more than 5 billion dollars - a very high amount but very far from the figures reached in Australia.

Although there are various restrictions, gambling is gaining momentum in Singapore. To enter the casino, you need to have a huge wallet. It's no coincidence that the median spending per capita is $1,100 a year.


The podium is closed by Ireland, the first European country in the ranking. Despite being a relatively small country, its bettors spent nearly $2.5 billion on betting last year, a record. These figures are far from the top positions, but the inhabitants are much fewer, which makes it much more impressive.

Although Ireland only opened its doors to online casinos a few years ago, their popularity is constantly growing. The Irish, however, have a fetish for dog racing, creating a thriving betting market. This is one of the reasons why people in Ireland spend about $600 a year on gambling.


In Canada, gambling is widespread, so much so that around 3 out of 4 Canadians gamble and play the lottery, casino or online poker at least once a year. Every year $570 per capita is spent in the green North American country.

The largest number of players in the country comes from the province of Saskatchewan. This region has experienced an estimated income of $841 per person over 18 years of age, with lottery and scratch being the country's most popular games of chance.

As is the case in Singapore, the authorities of this country have sought all possible ways to reduce the level of participation of its citizens in betting. To do this, they adopted a series of initiatives to discourage people's access to gambling halls, but the country’s yearly betting revenue keeps increasing. Canada is also the home nation of some of the best gamblers in the world.


China is probably the most significant economy out there in 2022, and that justifies the exponential growth of its gambling industry. If we consider the general numbers, no other country comes even close in their spending for gambling.

With the development of the casino industry, Macau became the gambling capital of the world, holding the title for the past 5 years and representing a gigantic percentage of the total land-based betting revenue.

As gambling is illegal in many regions in China, few local people have the luxury of having an online gambling account or visiting a casino. Still, the business in Macau is compensating for it.

United States

Surely you expected to see the country that produced Las Vegas much higher in the ranking, right? Well no. Despite having Las Vegas among its cities, it only occupies fifth place in the ranking.

The flexibility imposed by the United States regarding sports betting regulation will contribute positively to the market's exponential growth in the coming years. Still, online betting is just beginning there, with only 5 states having the legal right to offer online gambling sites.

The total losses suffered by its bettors are estimated at almost 200 billion dollars, very far from the world's top 4. In any case, many of the world's largest and most famous casinos are located in the United States.

United Kingdom

We close the top 7 countries that bet the most in the world with Great Britain, home of the biggest number of world best gamblers.

Like Ireland, it has always been a reference for betting, with the UK Gambling Commission being the leading authority in licensing and regulating online casinos. One of the most used and popular licenses in the sector gives a general idea of how crucial Britain is to the casino business by producing high-quality web pages and brick-and-mortar casinos.

The biggest gambling country

There are two ways to calculate which country bets the most - by gambling expenditure and by the percentage of the adult population betting.

When it comes to spending, China holds the record, with the US coming in second place. No surprises there as both countries have territories that are signature for gambling and represent the betting culture.

When it comes to the percentage of playing adults, things get more interesting. The top is held by the Netherlands where 87% of the adult population participates in at least one form of betting each year, with Australia and the UK coming in second and third place, respectively.

The world's best gambling countries

If we consider overall gaming profitability alone, no country comes even close to the United States and China. In the past few years, the US held the top spot with yearly revenue of over $30 billion, both from well-known cities like Las Vegas and Atlantic City and their start-up online casinos.

However, in the last 5 years, China’s revenues have grown tremendously, and the country now holds the top place in profits with almost $38 billion in wins for the past year. They come primarily from major casino establishments in Macau, but the online and small land-based casino businesses contribute as well. 

The biggest gambling cities in the world

Despite the belief of many, Las Vegas is no longer the gambling capital of the world and has ceded its baton to Macau, which currently moves between 5 and 7 times more money than the North American city.

Casinos and gaming halls have always been a unique experience, and Macau, known now as the gambling capital of the world, is a place that fuses enjoyment, tourism and gambling. Macao, the paradise for gambling lovers, is a great opportunity to enjoy the fusion of European and Eastern culture in one of the most peculiar places in Asia.

19 years ago, the first foreign casino, owned by Sheldon Adelson, opened its doors, and today Macau has more than 40 betting and gaming establishments, among which are some of the largest in the world where some of the best gamblers in the world play on a daily basis.

The country with most land-based casinos

There’s probably no need to say it, but the United States is the undisputed winner in this category with more than 2000 brick-and-mortar casinos, the biggest percentage located in California and New Jersey. The US is home to some of the signature hotels and casinos like The Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace and The Mirage and Hard Rock, all of which have been eternalized in famous American movies.

The surprise will probably be who holds the second spot. It’s actually Canada with a little over 200 casinos, meaning the second place has more than 9 times fewer casinos than the first.

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