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Giselle Adriene
March 24, 2023
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Blackjack is the modern adaptation of an ancient game: La Veintiuna played in the Spain of Miguel de Cervantes, and is currently one of casinos’ all-time favourites. This is because it is a straightforward game to understand and learn while also being fun.

Do you want to play Blackjack? Have you seen the movie 21: Blackjack and got interested in the game? If you're ready, let's get the cards ready and learn the rules of Blackjack.

The objective of the game of Blackjack is simple: each player individually faces the dealer, looking to get 21 points, or the closest number possible, without going over. To get it, each player receives two cards at the beginning.

If the first two cards add up to 21, it is the best possible play and is called Blackjack. If you do not reach 21, you can ask for extra cards to get there, but if you go over 21, you automatically lose.

The dealer, also part of the game, has house rules in Blackjack. They receive two cards, and the options are obvious:

● If the dealer has 16 or less, they are forced to ask for another card.
● If they have 17 or more, they have to stand.
● The dealer beats all players over 21 and those with a lower value hand than theirs.
● The dealer loses with the players who have a better hand.
● The tie in Blackjack occurs when you and the dealer have the same number of points.

Blackjack card values you need to know

If you want to play better and better, you must know the value corresponding to each card in the deck. Learning the values of the cards in the game of Blackjack is very simple.

● The Ace is the only card with two values, 1 and 11. The player who has an Ace can choose the value at his convenience.
● Cards from 1 to 10 have the same value as the numbers written on them.
● Jack, Queen and King have a value of 10 points each.

It doesn't seem complicated at all, right? From these cards' value, we can delve into other relevant aspects. Some of the most relevant are those of strong and weak cards.

Using blackjack card worth with basic strategy

When we differentiate between strong and weak cards, we are pointing out the dealer's cards based on their value. Weak cards have a value between 2 and 6. The advantage for the player is clear, so you should try to get the best out of it.

Cards with a value over 7 are known as strong cards. When the dealer has these cards, they have a strong Blackjack hand that has a great chance of winning. When you see such a hand, you should use a more conservative game strategy because it will be more difficult for you to beat it.

So, when exactly do you put your math knowledge, Black Jack card values and counting into play? Well, it's crucial in all the key points in play.

Table and dealer
The game of Blackjack is played on a semi-circular or crescent table. The dealer is on the straight side of the table, while the players are on the curved side. The dealer directs the game, indicates the moments, deals, removes the cards, and manages the payment of the bets. He is also in charge of playing on behalf of the bank.

It's important to know what's happening, who is losing and why and that can only happen by knowing the rules and card values in Blackjack.

Betting round
The first step of actually playing is the betting round. Each player at the table places their bet in their playing area, for which a maximum and minimum limit is established in advance. The dealer plays against each player for the same amount that he has bet.

You can't know what cards you'll end up with before they're dealt, but it's good to base your bet on your previous hands and the game's current development.

Dealing the cards
Once the bets are made, the Blackjack hand begins. All cards are revealed, exposing their value, except one of the dealer's cards which remains face down.

Why do you need to know the card values here? So you can base your strategy on the numbers you and the dealer can get from the hand. Maybe you want to stand down or get insurance, or maybe you prefer to get another card. Either way, calculating your options is the only way to have a winning chance.

Possible actions in Blackjack

Once the cards are dealt, the player located to the left of the dealer starts and has several possible options in search of winning the game of Blackjack:

● Split: If the cards have the same value, you can split them into two hands. A second card will be added to each loose card.
● Ask for a card: To get to have Blackjack or get as close as possible, the player can ask for the number of cards he wants. If you go over 21, your cards and bet amount will be removed.
● Stand: Whether upon receiving the first two cards or after requesting more, the player has the option to stand and wait for the end of the round
● Double: This option allows you to double the original bet amount in exchange for receiving a single card.
● Dealer's Turn: Once all players have played their turns, the dealer wins if no one remain active. If bets are available, the dealer must see his cards; if he has 16 or less, he is obliged to ask for another card. If he is 17 or more, he is required to stand.

When the dealer's hand ends, the prizes are distributed. Each play higher than the dealer's is paid 1 to 1 so that the player receives the same amount he bets. If you've got a Blackjack, the pay is 3 to 2. If Blackjack is achieved by doubling the hand, it pays 1 to 1. After the distribution of prizes, the hand is concluded, and a new betting round is opened.

Practice Blackjack card value yourself

Now that you know the values of blackjack cards and the difference between strong and weak cards let's learn about basic blackjack strategy. You can enjoy this card game in the best way possible with a few simple steps.

Remember that this strategy can in no way be seen as a foolproof method with which you will always Blackjack win because it is not. The force of chance is still there, and winning is still very complicated.

These are the rules you must follow when applying this strategy:

● You must stand when you have a hand with a great chance of winning, that is, between 17 and 20. It is better than asking for another card because you could go over 21.

● You should stand if you have a strong hand (between 12 and 16) when the dealer has a weak hand (from 2 to 6). The exception to this rule will be when you hit a 12 if the dealer has 2 or 3.

● You should ask for cards as long as you are not going to exceed 21 with that.

● You must request cards if the dealer has a strong hand from 7 to Ace. You will indeed have a risk of going over 21, but it can end up working out well.

● You can double your bet when the bank has a weak hand. As a general rule, it can only be done with a 9, 10 and 11.

A good recommendation is to memorize the steps and practice them little by little. As for the value and usefulness of the basic blackjack strategy, remember it is only a guide to deciding a mode of action. Winning at Blackjack is very difficult, so remember always to play responsibly.

What is the value of an Ace in Blackjack?

When a player is dealt an Ace, he can choose its value - it can either be 1 or 11, depending on the other cards he’s dealt with.

Are Aces high or low numbers in Blackjack?

That depends on the player alone. If he prefers to play the Ace as 1, the value will be low. If he plays it as 11, it will be high.

What are the card values Blackjack?

The Ace is the only card with two values, 1 and 11. Cards from 1 to 10 are valued according to their numbering. Jack, Queen and King have a value of 10 points each.

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