Online Gambling as an Acceptable Form of Leisure

Giselle Adriene
March 30, 2023
Online-Gambling-as- an-Acceptable-Form- of-Leisure

Let's be honest, each person's perception of leisure is different. We all have friends who claim to relax and enjoy their free time while cleaning the house, cooking for the family or shopping for groceries. But this is not for everybody! We all have different preferences, and sometimes we have distinct desires depending on our mood or how exhausted we are after work.

No matter your definition, one thing is clear - leisure is associated with pleasure, personal choice, and bringing positive and relaxing emotions. It could be lazy or active action, it could be related to being alone or finding a social aspect of it, and it should be easy-going and help you recharge the battery levels of your brain. An example of a leisure activity can be watching movies on Netflix.

So, is it possible for online gambling to be part of an acceptable form of leisure? From our point of view - definitely yes! It's accessible and fun, and it's up to you to decide when, where, how to play and for how long. It brings up positive emotions and adrenaline, conquering different quests and enjoying adventurous tournaments. So yes, we consider gambling for fun an excellent way of entertainment.

Pros & Cons of Gambling in Brief

As with any other activity, gambling has its advantages and disadvantages. Let's group them up in two directions:

Social effects:

  1. Positive - an interesting observation is that gambling entertainment nowadays has very high social development with the Live casino games that most online platforms offer. The players feel part of a community that doesn't have a border, they can build friendships with people from the other side of the world, and they can learn and compete together.
  2. Negative - here, we would like to underline that whatever activity you start overdoing leads to harmful effects. Pay close attention to your behaviour if you prefer betting on online casino games to meeting your friends or spending time with your family. It's a signal to restart.
  3. Psychological effects of gambling:
    a. Positive - the entire excitement around gambling and all the fun play casino routine awakens the release of hormones from your brain that stimulate the feeling of happiness and exhilaration. So, basically, you feel very positive and uplifting emotions.
    b. Negative - once again, when you fall deeper into gambling and start being dependent on it, or it's the only way to make yourself happy and feel the adrenaline, you start playing with fire. When you notice an unusual attitude and decision-making, you should seek help from customer support or a close friend. There are ways to restrict yourself; communicate this with the support team.

Can gambling be considered a Form of Recreation?

As we mentioned, there are pros and cons of gambling, but initially, playing casino games is meant to be entirely recreational. The idea behind it is to have fun, be entertained, and feel uplifted by all the colours, sounds, and energy. The games' diversity gives you many options, and you can never be bored. You can always stop and take a break; nothing is lost from your account, and there shouldn't be any pressure. So, we believe that if you know when to stop, how to control your spending, and you don't expect to get rich by playing, gambling can be considered a form of recreation.

But if any of the above is not valid for you, you better stay away to prevent falling into the depths that make it difficult for certain people to control themselves and end up losing a lot of money and breaking their relationships. Scientists have proven that gambling addiction can happen to every person, no matter the level of education, the profession or the social environment that you are in. But players with previous addictions find it easier to fall into this vicious circle of losing and playing more with the hope of winning back the deposited money. One piece of advice from us, never play with money that you are not ready to lose. If you need this money for rent or paying bills, never bet it in an online casino.

Games of No Chance – a Myth or not?

In online gambling, the only thing you can expect is maths. Each game has a statistical probability and expectation for you to win or lose. This is different for each game and casino, but it exists. Usually, you can find the information in the casino, and it ensures that the casino won't lose to players over time. Some might be as low as 0,5% casino advantage for Blackjack, for example, while others high as 35% for some Slot machines. Remember, this is different from predicting the game's outcome; the licensed and safe casinos offer fair playing and RNG. This means it's entirely based on luck who will be the winner of this particular game, but overall the games have an RTP percentage.

Obviously, people do manage to win over the casino precisely because of the RTP percentage that, for some games, can be as high as 98%. This means that you will recover your bet 98% of the time. The games where you can apply some strategies and best practices, like the card games, are your best chance of winning because it depends on your skills to improve.


Is gambling an overpriced kind of recreation? As previously said, numerous elements must be considered when answering this question. What exactly does gambling imply when you see it as a recreational activity? It means that you think gambling to be an outdoor activity conducted for the sake of exercise, leisure, or pleasure, as well as any practice or instruction in any such action, to be acceptable. Most gamblers who engage in it as a recreational activity enjoy themselves and have no problems. For example, when gambling in casinos, people place restrictions on how much money and time they may spend, and they are more prone to play on the Internet.

Overall, if you accept gambling as a game and an activity to have fun, it's all good. You can enjoy a fascinating time by yourself or with friends. But you are in the wrong place if you count on getting rich by playing online casino games. Gambling is meant to be fun; after all, it's a game, not a job. Of course, there are professional poker players, but this is a story for a completely different article. As a professional poker player, yes, it can be your job and source of income. But other than then, stick to the fun games and enjoy your leisure time.

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