Risk VS Investment VS Gambling – Which one is it? 

Giselle Adriene
April 6, 2023
Taking-a-Risk-Investing- or-Gambling?

An interesting point of view towards the casino world is to look from a more insightful point of view of the overall process. When we gamble, we make risky decisions because there is no way to know the game's outcome. We are investing with our deposits and bets to acquire bigger winnings at the next step. Now, let's target this strategy in another direction. Most of the time, we end up in similar situations when we have to decide for our future or desires without being 100% sure how life will develop because it's outside our power. We can't influence other people's minds or the weather or the future of the company that we work at.

Without even realizing it, we go through gambling states in our personal and professional life. We take risks without any guarantee. We make decisions based on previous experience and knowledge. And what turns out to be the best about it? When we move forward based on facts, skills, best practices, and truthful information, then is when we accomplish our best potential, and we are capable of making quality decisions.


Is there such a thing as a healthy risk? We believe there is! If people are unwilling to take any risks in life, they will stay at the same stage forever. 

  • Think about it - even when you buy cheese from a brand that you don't know, you are taking a risk. Are you going to like the taste? Is it soft or hard enough, is your family going to eat it? But you still made the Investment into the purchase without knowing the situation's outcome. You might say you prefer buying only the brand you like, but what happens if they don't have it in the store? What happens if they stop production? You can decide to stop eating cheese, but what if it's about choosing to rent an apartment? 
  • To rent, you need to evaluate the neighbourhood, the building, the neighbours, the pipes, the electricity, the landlord, the stability and quality of the furniture, is the stove safe? To compare prices and square metres. And you know what to check because of your previous experience living in a rental apartment. But if you are unwilling to take the risk to move, you may stay in worse conditions forever. 

So in life, we take risks all the time to achieve our goals and succeed in developing, but we don't consider it from this perspective. And the best choices that we make while risking are the informative ones. In gambling, the situation is the same because there is no way to predict the outcome of the Slots, for example. Still, you can gather information and review the process beforehand to make a quality decision about your bet or choice of game.


Now let's see what Investment means:

  • Investing money in an idea, business, product development, or company shares to profit from it.
  • Sometimes, people invest time and knowledge instead of money, but they invest to receive some profit.

Do you see a risk in this process? Do you believe people decide what to invest quickly, or do they go through deep research, consulting specialists, overviewing financial stability, and evaluating historical data? And even so, they are taking a risk. It could be a small one if they professionally did their homework, but there still exists the possibility that the investment outcome will go wrong. This is what we would call the connection between investment speculation and gambling.

Our outtake here should be to embrace risk-taking situations but to invest time into detailed research and preparation phases before risking our money to avoid the gambling risk.


Let's first clarify what is the meaning of gambling. The dictionary definition is to "take risky action in the hope of a desired result". Isn't this the explanation that we overlooked in the previous paragraphs? Buying cheese, renting an apartment or investing in a company is a hopeful investment of your money or time to achieve satisfaction from the cheese flavour, better accommodation for your family or increased profit from the company's shares. In all of these situations, we are taking a risk and hoping for the best.

Now, the definition of gambling related to online casinos is to "play games of chance for money" or with one word to bet. But in our perspective, playing casino games should be to enjoy your time, spend some exciting moments or embark on an adventurous quest. Yes, winning money is part of the fascination, but taking the risk of losing the Investment is a 50% chance; there is no way to influence or predict the outcome, maybe except for some of the card games. So, what type of risk is gambling? The certainty around it is not anticipated, and it's a high-level risk-taking. Are you this type of person? Can you enjoy this activity?

So, when playing casino games, we must be aware that we risk losing our deposits. We are investing our time and money in a game, not a business, so we are gambling and should focus on enjoying the process.

Key Differences

When it comes to Investment, the purpose is to develop something, to grow it, to acquire it; you own part of it. There are high and low-risk opportunities. It depends on you when, where and how much to invest. Risk-taking situations exist every day in our daily activities. Some people feel more comfortable being cautious and mindful and prefer predictable conditions to have control over their future. Others enjoy the opposite and could risk a lot more.

And finally, gambling awakens very positive emotions and releases hormones from your brain associated with the same effects as dopamine drugs. They uplift you and make you feel happy and relaxed. Usually, there are low and high-risk players. They have different styles and strategies. They even choose diverse games to satisfy their trust of excitement. 

So, it's up to the player to know and follow his desires. In every situation, we need to weigh the pros and cons; we gamble, take risks and make decisions daily based on assumptions, previous experience or momentary desires.

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